Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Beirut - The Rip Tide ( This Album’s Top-Notch!!! )

This's the second time i've been writing about this gorgeous man. Zachary Francis Condon not just only knew about folk cultures, but he's studying them for 5 year when he was kick out from his senior high shcool. Precisely in eastern european, Condon got a lot of things about balkan folk culture. It was proven by the entire of beirut's album, both in terms of sound and music compotition.

In early June 2011, amidst touring the US, Beirut announced that their newest album, The Rip Tide, which had been recorded the previous winter in New York, was to be released on August 30.

And this album’s top-notch, complex sound takes you on a run through the full gamut of human emotion, and because it is so heavily reliant on emotion (both lyrically and musically) rather than a particular narrative, it feels exquisitely intimate and relatable. It’s personal to the point where you might, for a moment, feel like you’re understanding something special, but then you’ll remember that a ton of other people are probably listening to it and feeling the same way, though for their own reasons. The further along I got in this album, the more i remembered why i love Beirut in the first place. Highly Recommend.



  1. Review musiknya keren, bro.
    Barangkali minat buat nulis di, ditunggu banget. Thanks. :)